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Raven Costume - Nevar

A full-body photo of my raven costume from 2000, Nevar.

Okay, so it's not the most original name for a raven...

Getting photos of an all-black costume turned out to be a bit of a challenge, too!

Still, I’m pleased with this costume on several counts.

Like with Ashitare, I did a plastic mesh base for the mask, and concentrated on making sure I could see out of it well. The beak was paper mache, with an overlay of spackling (yup, seriously) to make it smoother. I've since come across better materials, but it worked very well at the time!

The mask was comfortable to wear and had good vision through the plastic mesh just in front of each eye. The beak moved nicely with my own jaw opening and closing, and the wingspan was pretty impressive!

The wings were similar to the red dragon, but my hands were hidden in a little pocket on either side. As you can see in the photos below, I was able to free my hands if needed to pick things up, or to adjust the mask. That was a useful feature! The primary feathers were made from stiffened felt, with the smaller feathers made from standard black felt. I gripped a dowel in each hand that ran the length of the wings so I could spread or fold them quite naturally.

More pictures:

A close-up of the mask from my raven costume. A picture of the mask from my raven costume with the beak open. A picture of my raven costume from the back, showing the wings and tail.
A picture showing how I could remove my hands from the wings of my raven costume if I needed to. A photo showing how wide I could spread the wings on my raven costume.

© 2000 Costume by Sarrah Wilkinson

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