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New prints available - and more coming soon!

Good evening!

I've finished the illustration, "Found the Spot", and it heavily features the color green. (Don't tell the other colors, but I really like green.)

Found the Spot by Sarrah Wilkinson - An elven woman reclining and scratching a large forest dragon behind one of his eye ridges.

This piece is available in the store, and of course will be available at LepreCon and PHXCC.

We're also pleased to offer "The Tracker", "Medusa's Tear", and "Open Book, Reveal Magic" in 5" x 7" size, as these cute mini-sized prints have proved to be quite popular:

The Tracker by Sarrah Wilkinson - A werewolf crouches beside a stream, pausing to sniff the air as he tracks his prey. Medusa's Tear by Sarrah Wilkinson - An illustration of Medusa, the gorgon of Greek legend, snake-hair writhing and eyes closed as a single tear falls down her cheek. Open Book, Reveal Magic by Sarrah Wilkinson - A joyful Asian-style dragon flies between the open pages of floating books in this unique illustration.

Finally, I will be releasing three more brand new prints over the next three days, including the final version of the "FlintThorn's Flight" sketch currently in the Work in Progress section. Stay tuned!

Posted by Sarrah Wilkinson on 4/28/2013 - Page last updated: 4/28/2013

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