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New art and print - day 2

Good evening!

If you've been watching for a while, you might've seen this new dragon once before. I call him "Old Smokey", and he's now available as a print.

Originally, he was "Old Smokey" because I'd sketched him with plumes of smoke rising from his nostrils. However, that didn't work out well for the final colored image... but the name still stuck! So, I wrote up a little story to go along with this big lovely beastie. You can read it on the page by clicking him, below.

Old Smokey by Sarrah Wilkinson - A portrait of a big, scaly orange dragon in a cave.

There are two more new pieces of art we're releasing as prints. I'll put up one tomorrow, and one on Wednesday. Check back soon for more!

Posted by Sarrah Wilkinson on 4/29/2013 - Page last updated: 4/29/2013

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