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A Raincheck

I didn't quite get to doing the blog post I wanted to do tonight - sorry about that! I decided to tackle the veritable mountain of comments on deviantArt, and at least answer some of the many questions that got asked there.

My plan is to do one more Phoenix Comicon follow-up blog to show off some of the many awesome costumes that we saw there, and then it'll be on to Garrus for a while. I've got some great photos to show already, and hope to get more soon, as well as some video. I'll also be sharing pretty much the entire build process, from concept sketches and ideas all the way to the final costume. Here's a little teaser:

The final oil-based clay sculpture of the top half of Garrus' head from my cosplay.

Posted by Sarrah Wilkinson on 5/29/2013 - Page last updated: 5/29/2013

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