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Halloween Dragon Art and a Zazzle store

The Candy Corn Hoard by Sarrah Wilkinson - Most dragons hoard some kind of treasure, but this little Halloween-loving reptile favors candy corn instead.

What's cuter than a little dragon hoarding a shining pile of candy corn?

In my humble opinion - absolutely nothing.

I just finished this new illustration, just in time for some Halloween fun. Hope you like it!

Additionally, we now have a Zazzle store! Zazzle allows me to put my artwork on all kinds of great gifts, including t-shirts, mugs, phone cases, bags, and a ton of other stuff. They're also very customizable, so if you wanted an item with your initials on it, or a different style of shirt, you can do that too. Here are a few examples:

My Fantasy Beats Your Reality Shirt Werewolf Moon Wallclocks Artist with Colorful Paint Splatters Apron Forest Ruin Fantasy Landscape Stretched Canvas Print Baby Red Dragon with Teddy Bear Trucker Hats

Posted by Sarrah Wilkinson on 9/26/2013 - Page last updated: 4/12/2015

Keywords: dragon, candy corn, horde, Halloween, fantasy art, zazzle, merchandise