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Limited Edition Prints Disappearing Soon

A photo of the two convention exclusives for WonderCon 2012 and Phoenix Comicon 2013.

We're going through our inventory, and as it happens, we've got some copies of two limited edition convention prints left over. We'd love to see them go to good homes. Originally, they were $20 each. From now until October 4th, they are available in our Etsy shop for $12 each, or $20 total if you'd like both of them together.

The green fellow there on the left is the charming Orange Blossom Drakeling, a resident of southern California. This 11" x 17" print was a run of 50 copies for WonderCon 2012 in Anaheim, CA. This tiny green dragon especially favors orange groves, like those which used to be seen in the Anaheim area. But not to worry - I hear his kind is still doing quite well for themselves due to, ah... certain other tourist attractions in the area.

On the right is an 11" x 17" print that was for Phoenix Comicon 2013. I call it "Arizona Fence Lizards", featuring one great big dragon and one little lizard sharing one of our infamous Arizona block wall fences. These lazy reptiles love to sun themselves all day long - just don't startle the big ones, if you'd prefer not to deal with property damage!

There is a separate listing if you'd like to get both prints together for $20 - go here to get that deal. Also, note that all of these listings are also eligible for our 20% off coupon, code ILOVEDRAGONS20 - good until 10/4 as well.

After October 4th, the remaining prints will be removed to make room for new stuff. If you like these little guys, best get them quick!

Posted by Sarrah Wilkinson on 9/30/2013 - Page last updated: 9/30/2013

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