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Polymer Clay Magma Dragons by Becca Golins

Magma Brothers by Becca Golins (dragonsandbeasties) - These two magma dragon brothers are polymer clay sculptures by artist Becca Golins.

I'm finding it so hard not to shout "SQUEEEEE!" right now.

These two lovely polymer clay dragons are the work of my friend Becca, a pair of magma dragon brothers handcrafted entirely from colored clay. In other words, with the exception of her signature, no paint was used on these guys at all!

The big brother is called Magmax, and he stands just over 4" tall. The little brother is Magmini, who is about 2" tall. They are both currently available in separate eBay options: Magmax here, and Magmini here. I have one of her dragons that I got several years ago, and let me just say they are worth every penny!

You can also follow along with her work on her deviantArt site, DragonsAndBeasties.

Posted by Sarrah Wilkinson on 10/2/2013 - Page last updated: 10/6/2013

Keywords: polymer clay, sculpted dragons, magma dragons, lava dragons, fire dragons, sculpture, fantasy, Becca Golins, DragonsAndBeasties