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Tucson Comic Con 2013

I never understood why they have a zombie walk during a convention. I always feel at my most zombie-ish after a great convention is over!

Tucson Comic Con just happened over the weekend of November 2nd and 3rd in Tucson, AZ. It's a show we've been doing for the last three years, and it's a great one! The crowds were amazing this year. I don't know the exact numbers yet, but significantly more than last year.

One of the fun things is these windows looking down into the convention hall spaces, so you can get a bird's eye view of what's going on. Here's how the hall looked before and during the show.

The show floor during setup, before TCC 2013 officially began. The dealer room during the show.

The Tucson Convention Center is a good venue for a convention like this, with plenty of room to expand. They've already announced that the dealer room will be in a much bigger hall next year.

We had a brand new setup to try out, and we're really pleased with how it looked. We had it set up in our living room for the better part of a week, just trying things out to see how we liked it. Here's how the new setup ended up looking "in the wild"!

The Red Nebula Studios new table setup.

Cosplay was in full force, as it should be. Here are just a few of the awesome costumes:

Femme Dr. Horrible and Captain Hammer Odin The Hound and Sansa

The rest of the costumers I got photos of can be found on our Red Nebula Cosplay Facebook page.

I wish I had been able to get pictures during Tucson Comic Con's first ever costume contest... but I was in it at the time! Garrus got a chance to ham it up on stage. It was the first convention costume contest I ever entered... and I got Best in Show. (Squeeee!) There were over 50 costumers entered in the contest, and I really wish I had gotten pictures of so many of them! Slimer was a riot, Gaige was a cutie, the three from Beetlejuice were AMAZING! Robin Hood made his costume from scratch, and was quite happy to dance to the theme tune they gave him: "Men in Tights". I spent quite a while before the contest chatting with the steampunk'd Green Arrow and Doc Oc. Overall, it was a simply amazing experience.

Back at the table, Sunday turned out to be ACEO sketch card day! After getting no sketch commissions on Saturday, I was surprised to get several of them on Sunday - and and they decided to challenge me a bit, too! I got several things I had never drawn before - From Totoro and the 11th Doctor, to a Portal turret, Moya from Farscape, and an unlikely meetup between Icarus of Greek legend and Icarus the flying squirrel from Little Nemo. I didn't get pictures of the other ones, 1812 (the DRD from Farscape) with a Mongolian flag symbol on its side, and a griffon gal decked out like an NCR Ranger from Fallout. They kept me hopping!

Sketch card: Eleven and Totoro Sketch card: Sad Portal turret
Sketch card: Icarus x2 Sketch card: Moya

Meanwhile, Chad tried to get me to get back in my Garrus armor for some galaxy-saving fun...

No Garrus?

But after 4 and a half hours in suit the previous day, I had to refuse. It did give me a rare opportunity to get a picture of me with Shepard rather than Garrus with Shepard, though! Love showing my stripe hoodie off. And he just got a wicked new pistol as well!

No Garrus.

Our new setup gave Robbie a chance to show off his beautiful chainmaille jewelry. A few people who bought pieces allowed us to snap photos of them wearing them - two sets of earrings and a bracelet!

Chainmaille earrings Chainmaille earrings Chainmaille bracelet

We sold all copies of the Tucson Comic Con exclusive in partnership with the AZ TARDIS Southern Chapter and raised a fantastic $493 toward their charities, the Lymphoma Society and Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund. All told, the AZ TARDIS group at TCC raised well over $1000 this weekend! It was great to get to be a part of that, and hopefully we can partner up again in the future!

Daleks DRD

From Daleks to DRDs, Tucson Comic Con was the place to be this weekend. I'm already looking forward to next year! Just have a few dozen costume ideas to get started on...

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