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Kids Need to Read Calendar Image Update

A work-in-progress artwork of a father dragon smiling as he and his child read a book together, digitally flat colored.

I've updated the work-in-progress piece I'm doing for the Kids Need to Read 2015 calendar to show how it looks now that it's in the flat color stage! Flat colors are the third main step of most of the artwork I do, where colors are blocked in to be shaded.

Often, because the image is now in color, I've had people assume it was nearly done. However, there's a lot of work between this stage and the final image! Shading takes time, often several hours, and I continue to make color decisions between now and the final image.

Posted by Sarrah Wilkinson on 12/4/2013 - Page last updated: 12/4/2013

Keywords: Kids Need To Read, 2015 calendar, work in progress, wip, flat colors, dragons, parent helping child read