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Ataraxia - Lizard mask cast and jaw

The lizard mask mold is complete and the first casting was a success! It was rotocast using SmoothCast 65D, same as I'm using for the turian masks.

Here's Robbie, modeling his new scaly face. You can also catch a peek at the initial breastplate armor (EVA foam) that we put on him to make sure the mask looked good proportionally.

A photo of the lizard mask, cast in urethane resin. A photo of the lizard mask, cast in urethane resin. A photo of the lizard mask, cast in urethane resin.

While the mask would be perfectly wearable as you see it above, we're doing the full moving jaw on it, as well as glass eyes for a more realistic look. The eyes aren't in yet, but here, I did a quick test to show the moving jaw.

Next, I created a few curved, pointy teeth, made a mold of them, and cast a couple dozen. Here, you can see the teeth embedded in the clay I'm using to sculpt the interior of the mouth. the mouth piece will also have a slight lip that goes over the edges of the cut mask. My plan is to cast this part in urethane rubber, so the lip will act as a buffer to prevent the upper and lower jaws clacking when the mouth moves.

The lizard mask with the jaw opened and the interior of the mouth being sculpted. The lizard mask showing how the interior of the mouth will fit when the jaw is closed.

Posted by Sarrah Wilkinson on 8/10/2014 - Page last updated: 4/12/2015

Keywords: mask, male, argonian, lizard man, reptile, Skyrim, Elder Scrolls V, costume, work in progress, WIP, cast, resin, teeth, moving jaw

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