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Turians and Mabari Hounds

Mass Effect: Cockatoos by Sarrah Wilkinson - A turian has a look at one of those birds he's heard so much about, a fluffy umbrella cockatoo. Mass Effect: Alisturian by Sarrah Wilkinson - A turian playing dress-up in a set of shining medieval-style armor, like something Alistair might've worn in Dragon Age. Dragon Age: Mabari Gift by Sarrah Wilkinson - A loyal mabari hound brings his master a gift of soggy cake he found somewhere in the wilds of Ferelden!

Well, it wouldn't quite be fair to say I've added some new pieces of art to the site, considering I did these three back between 2010 and 2012! One is an homage to one of the best characters in Dragon Age: Origins - the Warden's faithful mabari hound, and his thoughtful gift of... soggy cake. The other two are silly renditions of my Mass Effect Multiplayer character, a turian soldier called Temis.

Posted by Sarrah Wilkinson on 8/11/2014 - Page last updated: 8/11/2014

Keywords: new art, site update, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, gaming, BioWare, fanart, characters, turian, dog, mabari