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Werewolf Pinback Buttons!

A set of four pinback buttons featuring werewolves or wolfish designs, including the new

We have a whole series of werewolf and wolfish pinback buttons now! I just added a new button to the pack. I've got "I Love Unicorns" and "I Love Faeries" and even "I Brain Zombies"... but it was brought to my attention that werewolves were being neglected! So now, I've got an "I Love Werewolves" for all of us lycanthrope fans.

The red heart used in place of the word "love" on this pin is struck through by claw marks. The whole design is set in front of a photo I took of the blood moon during the eclipse a few months back.

Posted by Sarrah Wilkinson on 8/17/2014 - Page last updated: 8/17/2014

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