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Many, many bookmarks!

A set of five new bookmarks using designs from some of my art prints, including three dragons, Medusa, and a werewolf.

It occurred to me after all this time that I have a print featuring a dragon magically weaving in and out of books. I also have bookmarks. It never occurred to me that I really needed to combine the two!

I decided to see if any of my other pieces of artwork would look good as bookmarks. Not all of them would work for the highly vertical design, but this set of five turned out really nicely, I think. Along with the book dragon of "Open Book, Reveal Magic", my little candy corn hoarder with his sub tag "MINE!" made the cut, as did the grumpy bronze dragon, "Old Smokey". The sad Medusa and the stalking werewolf make an appearance as well.

Hope you like them!

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Posted by Sarrah Wilkinson on 10/2/2014 - Page last updated: 10/2/2014

Keywords: new bookmarks, book dragon, Open Book Reveal Magic, Candy Corn Hoard, Mine, Old Smokey, bronze dragon, Medusa's tear, gorgon, green snake woman, The Tracker, werewolf, lycanthrope