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Resin Owl Masks, Both Blank and Painted

A pair of my owl masks, one painted with a more natural feather color, the other done in metallics.

Owls! These new resin masks are stylized owls done in a masquerade style, from my own design. I sculpted the original in oil-based clay, molded it in silicone, and am offering both resin blanks for wearers to paint themselves, and a couple of finished masks. One is done in a natural style, with feathers in shades of black and grey, and warm brown tones to resemble the look of a great horned owl. The other is a metallic owl mask with a steampunk vibe, all done with paint of golden, silver, and pretty highlights of copper.

A blank resin owl mask, ready to be painted. A resin owl mask painted in a natural palette of black, grey, and browns to resemble a great horned owl. A resin owl mask painted with a metallic look, in gold and silver with touches of copper here and there.

Posted by Sarrah Wilkinson on 2/12/2015 - Page last updated: 2/12/2015

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