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New Artwork: The Seas of Imagination

The Seas of Imagination by Sarrah Wilkinson - An illustration of a book surrounded by and from which ocean water sprays, a sailing ship and several natural and mystical creatures riding the waves.

I've added a new digital illustration, my contribution to the 2016 Kids Need to Read calendar. Read more about this new image and the KNTR program here: The Seas of Imagination

Posted by Sarrah Wilkinson on 2/24/2015 - Page last updated: 2/24/2015

Keywords: new artwork, Kids Need To Read, 2016 calendar, KNTR, ocean, sea, sailing ship, imagination, waves, book, red bull, red dragon, sea serpent, sea dragon, sea monster, dolphins, mermaid, humpback whale, hippogriff, seagulls, airship