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A Pair of Owls

One of my resin owl masks, hand painted in metallic blue and silver with white accents. This mask has padding and an adjustable strap and comes ready-to-wear. One of two resin Mardi Gras owls, hand-painted by my husband, Robbie. The mask comes ready to wear with an adjustable strap and padding, painted in vivid metallic purple, green, and gold.

A pair of new hand-painted owl masks are now available in the shop! Both of these are from my original sculpture, resin cast and painted by my husband, Robbie. One is a beautiful, classy blue and silver owl with white accents. The other is done in the vivid colors of Mardi Gras, metallic purple, green and gold.

Posted by Sarrah Wilkinson on 1/10/2016 - Page last updated: 1/10/2016

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