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Works in progress

Artwork I am currently working on will go here temporarily, and then be moved to its final category once completed.

Digital Drawings and Illustrations

Sarrah's digital drawings and illustrations, done in an "ink and color" style.

Button and Charm Designs

Small designs and illustrations specifically done for buttons and charms.

Digital Paintings

This category contains Sarrah's digital paintings, mainly done in Photoshop.

Sculptures and Traditional Artwork

Sarrah's traditional artwork - drawings, paintings, and mixed media sculpture not done with the aid of a computer.

Chainmaille Jewelry

Jewelry handmade from individual metal jumprings by Robert Wilkinson.


Various art tutorials Sarrah has put together.

Convention Exclusives

Exclusives are illustrations where the artwork is (or was) only available as prints at various conventions.


Here, you'll find sketches which may or may not become finished pieces later on.

By Subject


Sarrah's fantasy artwork, especially focused on all kinds of fantastic creatures and beasts.

Just Dragons!

For everyone who loves Sarrah's dragons, that's all this category contains!

Science Fiction

Science fiction artwork, with a heavy focus on aliens and other creatures.

Horror / Dark

All of Sarrah's artwork that includes elements of the spooky, the creepy, and the macabre.

Humorous / Whimsical

Artwork in this category is funny, fun, or just plain silly.