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Artwork Licensing

If you are interested in making use of one of my pieces of artwork, please feel free to contact me (Sarrah Wilkinson) at In most cases, this would involve you purchasing a non-exclusive license to use the artwork a specific number of times or for a specific period of time.

For example, say you are self-publishing a book and need artwork for the cover. You are looking to do a first run of 1,000 copies. You decide you really like one of my pieces and contact me for a quote. I would then write you a contract for use of my artwork for that run of 1,000 books. Then, as your books sell, you decide you're ready to print a second run! If you'd like to continue using my art for the cover, you would contact me again and have a second contract written up - with a nice discount for being a repeat customer!

The terms for any individual license agreement (and possible royalties) will vary widely based on to what extent and how you wish to use the artwork. I'm happy to work something out with you, whether you are a hobbyist blogger looking for a nice header image, a publisher who prints books by the tens of thousands, or anywhere in-between.

Custom Artwork

If you're looking to have a brand new piece of artwork done on commission, please see my Custom Digital Artwork page. If need a custom piece of artwork for commercial purposes, both a commission fee and a licensing fee and agreement would apply.

What if I want to purchase the copyright to a piece of art?

In nearly all cases, I retain the copyright for the artwork I create, even if it is done on commission. If you need full, exclusive, unlimited rights to use an image - a logo, for example - you would purchase the copyright from me. As with licensing, the cost is determined on a case-by-case basis, so please don't hesitate to contact me.

Can I use your work without a licensing fee?

There are cases where I will allow you to use my artwork without a licensing fee. For example, I've had requests to use my artwork for non-profit purposes or single, personal uses (like tattoos). In cases like this, I still require that you contact me first, so that I can review your request and either give official permission, or explain why a licensing fee would be required or why I cannot grant permission.

Page last updated: 4/13/2015

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