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Bards Against Nonhumanity - MaricopaCon Exclusive

Bards Against Nonhumanity - MaricopaCon Exclusive by Sarrah Wilkinson - Several fantasy creatures have gotten together to play a rowdy few rounds of their favorite game, Bards Against Nonhumanity.

MaricopaCon 2014 is coming up soon, the first weekend in August. I'm doing a very short-run exclusive just for this show. MaricopaCon is specifically a gaming convention, so while my exclusives usually include a dragon, this one needed to be special. So a bunch of fantasy beasties got together for a rowdy game of "Bards Against Nonhumanity"!

Only 15 copies of this print, signed and hand-numbered, will ever be available. The prints are 11" x 17" and will be available at the show for $20 each.

© 2014 Artwork by Sarrah Wilkinson

Completion date: 7/8/2014 - Page last updated: 7/21/2014

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