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What to expect from Red Nebula Studios?

So, now that the site is up and running... what should you expect from it?

For a dry and clinical initial answer, I will say this: we intend to add a new blog post AT LEAST every two days, and new major content AT LEAST once per week.

The blog posts will mostly be short updates like this one. We may answer questions, ramble about video games or food or fun things we find while poking around the Internet, share random pseudo-intellectual insights or silly thoughts, give sneaky hints about major projects we're working on, or make announcements of upcoming shows or sales, or whatever we feel like writing about at the time.

As for the major content - it could be a new or updated work-in-progress, a sketch, a finished piece of art, a new sculpture, a tutorial or other resources, a new costume or batch of costume photos, a new site feature, or an unusually content-crazy blog. This last one might be a post-convention report (with plenty of photos, of course!), or, as I'm working on a major project, it may be a project-specific update. You'll see quite a few of those after I reveal my current costume!

Robbie is at his most vocal at conventions, but I'll see if I can't convince him to post a blog now and then!

While there are no set update days or official schedule for new content on this site, when I say "at least" up there, I mean it. If I've got something to post, it's getting posted! But having an "at least" keeps me motivated to keep creating. I may bounce between projects like a jackrabbit at times (I call it "being eclectic"), but I love the simple act of making new things.

I'm pleased to share my journey with anyone interested in following along!

P.S. Have you seen the guest list for Phoenix Comicon 2013 lately? They added John Barrowman to a list that already included Jewel Staite, Gigi Edgley, Wil Wheaton, and nearly everyone from Babylon 5. The full list is tremendous - and that's just the actors!

Posted by Sarrah Wilkinson on 4/19/2013 - Page last updated: 4/18/2013

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