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Not Evil, Just Misunderstood - Pinback Button

Not Evil, Just Misunderstood by Sarrah Wilkinson - A design for a pinback button showing a toothy black dragon with the phrase Not Evil, Just Misunderstood.

This design features a toothy, malevolent looking dragon with eerily glowing green eyes and nostrils and a background of green flames, but then includes the contrasting phrase, "Not evil, just misunderstood."

This design debuted at Phoenix Comicon 2014, and quickly became our most popular button seller of the year! I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes the idea of dark, scary dragons not being so scary after all.

I later did a redesign of this same idea to fit onto one of my vinyl bookmarks. Here's how the new design looks:

A vinyl bookmark with artwork of a monstrous black dragon with green glowing eyes over a background of green flames - and the contrasting phrase,

Available For Sale:

A 1.25" pinback button or fridge magnet showing a toothy black dragon with the phrase "Not Evil, Just Misunderstood".1.25" buttons, magnets, or keychains - via

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