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Raven Silhouette Design

Raven - Pinback Button by Sarrah Wilkinson - A design for a pinback button featuring the stylized silhouette of a raven.

Often feared and maligned for their scavenging habits, dark appearance, and croaking, guttural cries, the raven is nonetheless a singularly playful and intelligent bird. They have appeared in myth and legend for ages, sometimes as ill omens, and other times as tricksters. In either case, it is plain that these birds have fascinated people throughout history.

Available For Sale:

A 1.25" pinback button or fridge magnet featuring the black silhouette of a raven.1.25" buttons, magnets, or keychains - via
A vinyl decal of my silhouetted raven design.Vinyl decals - via

© 2011 Artwork by Sarrah Wilkinson

Completion date: 5/17/2011 - Page last updated: 5/30/2016

Keywords: raven, bird, silhouette, crow, corvid, pinback button design, vinyl decal

Categories: Artwork, Button and Charm Designs, Horror / Dark