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White Werewolf Costume

A photo of my white werewolf costume from 1998, crouched down and holding a walking stick.

So why was my 1997 costume a wolf and this one a werewolf? I'm not actually sure, but that's always how I've thought of them. This one was designed to wear clothing though, so perhaps that has something to do with it.

During the making of this costume, I learned several important things:

  • White fur is a pain to work with.
  • I definitely needed a better material than just cardboard for constructing my masks.
  • Just because the mask only covers the front half of your face does not make it any less hot to wear!
  • The ability to see is nice, but as the saying goes: The eyes are the window to the soul. Tiny little human eyes in a big wolf mask does not help the overall look of the costume! (Though it works well for a horror-style mask.)
  • White fur is also surprisingly see-through.
  • Wearing a white leotard under the fursuit to alleviate that fact does NOT help. However, wearing a black leotard underneath works perfectly!

More pictures:

A photo of my white werewolf costume from 1998, standing and carrying her walking stick. A photo of my white werewolf costume from 1998, crouched on all fours, not wearing the tribal costume.

© 1998 Costume by Sarrah Wilkinson

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