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Callisto - Demon Dog Costume

A picture of the nearly-completed Callisto costume stalking victims during Halloween in 2005.

Around the same time as I started working on the Eclipse costume, this creature popped into my mind. At the time, I had never heard the phrase "quadsuit", so I wasn't sure if what I had in mind could even be done!

Callisto is sort of undead, demon dog or wolf-bear-like monster. She features arm stilts (PVC pipe wrapped in foam), a moving jaw, and a wonderfully creepy paint job, if I do say so myself.

As has been the case up to now, this mask is made over a cardboard base. I used a thin layer of papier mache to build up the shape and add strength, and then used tissue paper covered in latex as a form of paper mache to form her corpselike skin. Her teeth are made of latex, much lighter than the rigid materials I would normally use.

She may never have been properly completed, but she's still good enough to scare people quite handily in the dark of a Halloween night! The mostly completed photos you see here were from 2005, and some in-progress photos are included as well.

At this point, I don't think I will ever be completing this costume. However, I definitely want to do another quadsuit at some point. People react far differently to a four-legged creature than a two-legged one!

A side view of how Callisto looked while stalking trick-or-treaters during Halloween of 2005.

Work-in-progress photos:

A photo of my undead wolf-bear monster costume in progress, showing the mask and stilts. A photo showing a side view of the painted and partially furred Callisto mask.

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