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Ataraxia (Male Argonian)

A sample showing a painted mask with glass eyes.

You may recall that I once created a lizard man costume for my husband's character, Ataraxia, at the time an iksar shaman in the game Everquest and EQ2. Now, exactly a decade later, we're tackling a similar concept, bringing to life his argonian character (a new version of Ataraxia) from Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It'll be a very nice "before and after" look at what 10 years of costume and crafting experience will do for an artist!

The mask is cast in resin, with the addition of horns, feathers, and a scaly neck and dewlap. The remainder of the costume will be light armor, most likely elven, and he'll also sport a reptilian tail. He'll have a moving jaw and hopefully very good vision!

As you can see from the sculpture, I'm leaving a large area beneath the lizard's eyes open. This will be covered over with a mesh fabric and painted to be nearly invisible, but it should allow for very good vision out of the mask. As with my turian masks, there should be quite a lot of air flow, allowing for good ventilation, vision, and overall comfort. That's always my goal, anyway!

Sculpture in progress:

Work in progress sculpture of a male argonian mask from the Elder Scrolls series. Work in progress sculpture of a male argonian mask from the Elder Scrolls series. Work in progress sculpture of a male argonian mask from the Elder Scrolls series.

Additional progress photos can be found in the blogs below!

I also created a dragon trophy wall mount using this same mask design, take a look at the build page if you'd like to see more about how I put this together!

Red Dragon Trophy Wall Mount by Sarrah Wilkinson - My red dragon trophy wall mount, crafted from one of my lizard masks with additional hand-sculpted details on the neck and hand painted.

© 2018 Sculpture work and all photos by Sarrah Wilkinson

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