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Mass Effect 3 - Garrus Vakarian

Mass Effect 3 - Garrus Vakarian by Sarrah Wilkinson - A photo of my Garrus Vakarian cosplay.

Meet the cosplay that pretty much dominated every spare hour of my life for 7 months, Garrus Vakarian!

The response to this costume has been absolutely amazing, having been shared on many social media platforms, featured on Kotaku, and shown on the BioWare Facebook page with a most flattering quote, "If you've ever wondered what Garrus might look like in real life, wonder no more. This cosplay is AMAZING!!"

I've done a series of blogs (see below) on how I made the mask and the rest of this costume, from concept through to completion. I've also since created new turian masks using resin casting rather than latex - there's a male, a female, and a Garrus-scarred male variant - and I've got kits available for sale! So if you're bored of being human, but need a little help becoming a turian, I'm happy to help. :)

Here are a few more pictures:

A photo of my Garrus Vakarian cosplay. A photo of my Garrus Vakarian cosplay. A photo of my Garrus Vakarian cosplay.

There's also a really amazing photo shoot I did at Rio Salado College in June of 2013, if you want more pictures! You can see others over on our Facebook page as well.

© 2013 Artwork by Sarrah Wilkinson

Completion date: 5/22/2013 - Page last updated: 5/11/2014

Keywords: Garrus Vakarian, alien, turian, Mass Effect, ME3, cosplay, costume

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