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Materials and Tools

Information about various materials and tools used for costuming and crafts. Stay tuned, because I've got a lot to add!

Several different types of cutting instruments, including scissors, knives, and a paper trimmer.

Cutting Tools (Last updated: 4/14/2013)

This page shows a few of the types of scissors, knives, snips, and other cutting tools I use and which are best suited for different purposes.

A photo of the open containers of Part A and Part B of Apoxie® Sculpt, with the bottle of Safety Solvent.

Epoxy Putties (Last updated: 3/21/2016)

Epoxy putty is a two-part compound that cures into a rigid material without baking. It's used for sculpting, repair work, adhesion, and mother molds.

A t-square, two rulers, a seamstress

Measuring Tools (Last updated: 4/14/2013)

This page describes the various measuring tools I find handy to have around, including several types of rulers, a compass, and a protractor.

A block of oil-based clay.

Oil and wax-based clays (Last updated: 4/12/2015)

Oil or wax-based clay is a sculpting medium that will never harden, used for making sculptures that will later be molded.

Liquid natural rubber latex.

Rubber Latex (Last updated: 8/23/2013)

Rubber latex is a liquid that dries to form a flexible rubber material, useful for making both masks and molds.

Loop tools for sculpting soft clays.

Sculpting Tools (Last updated: 8/18/2013)

Descriptions of various tools used for sculpting soft clays and other sculpture media.