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Costumes and Props

Current in progress and completed costuming projects, including mask making, prop building, sculpting, crafting, and sewing.

The final resin blank for my wolf mask.

Stylized Wolf Mask

A detailed, stylized wolf face done as a masquerade style half mask.

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FNaF 2 - Mangle Cosplay by Sarrah Wilkinson - My wearable costume-puppet of the Mangle from Five Nights at Freddy

FNaF 2 - Mangle Cosplay

My wearable costume-puppet of the Mangle from Five Nights at Freddy's 2.

A blank cast of my big cat skull mask being worn.

Big Cat Skull Mask

This feline skull mask was made to resemble the features of a big cat skull, like that of a jaguar or a lion.

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The final cast resin raven skull mask.

Raven Skull Mask

A raven skull mask from my original handmade sculpture, molded and cast in urethane resin.

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A blank dragon mask made of durable urethane resin, ready to be painted and worn or placed as wall decoration.

Dragon Mask

A resin dragon mask done in the style of a masquerade half-mask to be worn for a fancy dress party, as part of a costume, or as a beautiful wall decoration.

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A blank resin casting of the wolf skull mask.

Wolf Skull Mask

A resin-cast mask that I sculpted to resemble a realistic canine (wolf, dog, or coyote) skull.

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A blank resin half mask of a stylized cat face.

Stylized Cat Mask

A beautifully detailed resin half mask of a stylized cat face.

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Me wearing the final, painted Blue Spirit mask.

Blue Spirit Mask

The build page for the unearthly Blue Spirit mask from Avatar, done in cast resin and hand-painted.

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A finished, painted version of my horned demon mask, painted to resemble a grey granite stone gargoyle.

Krampus / Animal Demon Mask

A resin-cast face mask of my rendition of Krampus, which could also be used as an animalistic, horned demon, gargoyle, or any other toothy monster.

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A shot of Cullen from the Dragon Age Inquisition trailer wearing his lion-head helm.

Dragon Age: Cullen Lion Helm

In the Dragon Age Inquisition trailer, Cullen is shown wearing this beautiful lion helm, so I teamed up with Allen Amis to bring it to life!

A finished version of my spider mask with attached pedipalps, hand painted using acrylics.

Spider Mask

A unique, detailed spider mask for masquerades or Halloween.

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A blank casting of an Orlesian mask and lion crest as worn by Empress Celene in Dragon Age Inquisition.

Dragon Age - Orlesian Mask and Lion

An Orlesian mask and lion crest as worn by Empress Celene in Dragon Age Inquisition.

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Rocket Raccoon and Star-Lord at Phoenix Comicon 2015.

Rocket Raccoon and Star-Lord

Rocket Raccoon mask, feet, and tail, and Star-Lord helm costume commission pieces.

An example of a final, painted Death Eater mask, from the front.

Death Eater Masks

A commission for a set of masks inspired by the look of some of the Death Eaters in the Harry Potter series.

A photo showing all of the final Simpsons masks painted and detailed.

Simpsons Theatre Masks

This was a commission for a set of theatre masks based on several characters from The Simpsons for a show called Mr. Burns: A Post Electric Play.

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A pair of my owl masks, one painted with a more natural feather color, the other done in metallics.

Stylized Resin Owl Mask

A resin-cast, stylized owl mask done in masquerade style, made from my original design.

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Another view of my cast resin skull mask, showing how it looks while worn.

Human Skull Mask

A versatile, realistic human skull mask cast in resin for all kinds of spooky characters.

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A sample showing a painted mask with glass eyes.

Ataraxia (Male Argonian)

Ataraxia, a male argonian character from the Elder Scrolls series.

Finished Inquisitor helm from Dragon Age: Inquisition, painted by Sarrah Wilkinson to appear like weathered bronze metal.

Dragon Age Inquisitor Helm Collaboration

Inquisitor helm costume prop from Dragon Age: Inquisition, a collaboration between Allen Amis and Sarrah Wilkinson.

Commissioned sad grim reaper scythe prop; completed blade with detail painting and weathering, and manila rope attached.

Commission: Reaper Scythe Prop

Commissioned sad grim reaper foam scythe prop with red blade, faux wooden handle, and rope.

The final sad grim reaper costume.

Commission: Sad Grim Reaper Costume

A commission for a sad grim reaper mask and scythe to bring a piece of artwork to life as a costume.

Male and female turian masks, mostly finished, being shown as samples.

Mass Effect: Male and Female Turian Masks

Male and female cast resin turian masks.

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Wearing my Andora (female turian) mask. The neck isn

Mass Effect: Dr. Andora Caervis (female turian)

My female turian mask and costume in progress for my own character, Dr. Andora Caervis.

Mass Effect 3 - Garrus Vakarian by Sarrah Wilkinson - A photo of my Garrus Vakarian cosplay.

Mass Effect 3 - Garrus Vakarian

My cosplay of the turian character Garrus Vakarian, an alien squadmate from Mass Effect 3.

A picture of my 2009 Halloween costume, one side normal and the other half a skeleton.

Half-Skeleton Costume

My 2009 Halloween costume, one side normal and the other half a skeleton.

A full-body photo of my Grecian sphinx costume from 2008.

Grecian Sphinx Costume

My Greek sphinx costume from Halloween of 2008.