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Tutorials, Tips and Tricks

Costuming, prop-making, and crafting tutorials, with tips and tricks I've learned along the way.

Mix Ratio Calculator title image, showing a photograph of EpoxAcoat Part A and Part B.

Mix Ratio Calculator

A calculator for determining mix ratios for various crafting materials that require a part A and part B of different amounts.

Work in progress sculpture of a male argonian mask from the Elder Scrolls series.

Tip: Using Pre-made Objects while Sculpting (Last updated: 1/19/2016)

If a sculpture requires a repeating or particularly uniform feature, here's a way to save yourself a lot of headaches!

These Wilton bottles have been re purposed to contain uncured resin.

Tip: Resin Containers (Last updated: 5/15/2014)

A couple of tips on how to store and dispense liquid urethane resin.

Showing the finished texture stamp made from the orange

Tutorial: Making Latex Texture Stamps (Last updated: 4/15/2015)

A quick tutorial showing how to make texture stamps out of latex for use in clay sculpting.