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Mask and Prop Commissions

Partial image of Sad Reaper, Rocket Raccoon, Darth Revan, the reaper's scythe, and Mr. Burns; header for commissions page.

Commission Queue

  • Commissions are closed.

Commissions closed - sorry!

I'm sorry to say that my commission queue is closed at this time, and I don't have an ETA on when or if I will be re-opening for commission work. This page features some of my previous work for other people.

Previous completed projects

Here are some commissioned projects I have already completed for clients:

Rocket Raccoon and Star-Lord at Phoenix Comicon 2015.

Rocket Raccoon mask/tail/feet and Star-Lord Helm (May 2015)

Rocket mask featuring realistic glass eyes, full furring, zipper up the back of the neck, and moving jaw, in addition to tail and feet. Star-Lord helm with full lighting.

There are more photos and details on my build page.

All seven masks in the commissioned set.

Death Eater Masks (Apr. 2015)

There are several pictures of how these masks were created over on my build page. If you like the design, my friend at Allen Amis Creations now has raw and finished casts of my Death Eater masks available!

A photo showing all of the final Simpsons masks painted and detailed.

Simpsons Masks (Feb. 2015)

Crafted for Janet O'Neill, costuming director for Mr. Burns Post Electric Play, as performed by UCSD.

More details can be found on the build page for this set of masks.

A view through the visor of the finished Revan mask.

Darth Revan mask (Nov. 2014)

The final sad grim reaper costume.

Sad Reaper mask and scythe prop (Apr. 2014)

Created for artist Annie Dunn of Chaos in Color, based off of one of her illustrations, Teddy Bear and the Reaper.

More details and photos on my build page!

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