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Here, you'll find the general pricing structure I use for creating custom artwork. These prices are for personal, non-commercial usage. If you intend to use the artwork for commercial purposes, take a look at my licensing page for more information. Please make sure to read all Terms and Conditions and contact me at if you have any questions or would like to order custom artwork!

Character Art

A "character" is a person, creature, or thing which is the (or one of the) main subjects of the picture. This includes characters and creatures, but also prominent, detailed objects such as statues, vehicles, and buildings.

Type Style Base Cost Each Add'l Character
Character Partial: Just one part of the character is seen - head, foot, tail, etc. Sketch $20.00 $15.00
Lineart $40.00 $30.00
Lineart + Color $80.00 $60.00
Digital Painting $90.00 $67.50
Character Full: Several parts or all of the character is seen. Sketch $30.00 $22.50
Lineart $60.00 $45.00
Lineart + Color $100.00 $75.00
Digital Painting $140.00 $105.00

Landscapes or Character Backgrounds

A colored character picture comes with a simple gradient background, shadow, or reflection, or no background at all, depending on your preference. A non-colored character picture comes with no background by default. If you want a more complex background, the following price structure applies.

Typically, you'd pair up a sketched character with a sketched background, and so on... but keep in mind lineart + color characters look equally nice on painted backgrounds as they do on lineart + color backgrounds!

Type Style Cost
Simple landscape or background - One prominent object or feature, such as a tree, a mountainous horizon, a chair, a rock, a beach towel, etc. Sketch $20.00
Lineart $30.00
Lineart + Color $50.00
Digital Painting $60.00
Complex landscape or background - between 2 and 8 prominent objects or features, such as a forest scene or detailed ocean waves. Sketch $60.00
Lineart $100.00
Lineart + Color $140.00
Digital Painting $180.00
Very complex landscape or background - More than 8 prominent objects or features, such as a cityscape, detailed building, messy room, etc. Sketch $120.00
Lineart $200.00
Lineart + Color $280.00
Digital Painting $400.00

Custom-Designed Buttons and Bookmarks

Please see this page if you're interested in custom pinback buttons or bookmarks!

Ordering Custom Artwork

Step 1 – Please read the Terms and Conditions in full.

Step 2 – Contact me via Include the following information:

  • Your name or nickname (will be displayed in the queue)
  • Do you live in the state of Arizona? (You will not be charged extra for sales tax; we will cover it.)
  • Style of commission (Sketch, Lineart, Lineart + Color, or Painted)
  • Will this image be used for commercial purposes?
  • Detailed description of character(s) and background, if applicable. The more details, the better! You can also include links to reference images or character sheets, if you have any.
  • Any special information or requests
  • Have you read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions?

Step 3 – If I need to ask for any clarification, I will do so at this point. Otherwise, I will send you a quote.

Step 4 – If your commission is priced at $50.00 or less, the full amount is due before you go into the commission queue. If your commission is priced at more than $50.00, half (50%) of it is due before you go into the commission queue.

Step 5 – Welcome to the queue! You can see the current queue status at the top-right of this page. I will work on items in the queue in order. Depending on the length of the queue and complexity of each commission, it may take between a week and a month to get to your commission. If it will be any longer than that, I will let you know.

Step 6 – Once I have done the sketch of your commission, I will send a watermarked copy of it to you. At this point, you may ask for revisions or corrections to the drawing. I will then continue work on your commission.

Step 6.5Lineart + Color or Digital Paintings will also get a second opportunity for revisions or corrections to the colors (not the drawing!) when they are near completion.

Step 7 – I finish your commission. If you still owe the other half of the commission price, I will send you a message to let you know it is due at this time. As soon as you are paid in full, I will send you the final digital artwork.

Terms and Conditions

Note that these terms and conditions are valid as of September 1st, 2013 and until further notice.


  • Sketch – I will initially draw it on paper. I rough out sketches in light blue pencil, then finish them using black pencil. I then scan the sketch and clean it up in Photoshop. You will still see the faint blue roughs in the final sketch.
  • Lineart – A black and white commission is digitally inked in black using Photoshop. Upon request, I can substitute a transparent background rather than a white one, if you intend to color the image yourself.
  • Lineart + color – These commissions are digitally inked, colored, and shaded using Photoshop.
  • Painted – A digitally painted image done in Photoshop.

What you get

You will receive a high resolution digital copy of your commissioned image saved as a PDF file, unless you specify otherwise (PNG, JPG, TIF, etc.). You will NOT receive a physical copy of your commissioned image.

The default size is 10" x 7.5". The file will be 3000px x 2250px at 300 ppi. If you need a size other than the default size, just let me know the exact dimensions, including any bleeds. Images more than 25% larger cost more; I am happy to give you a specific quote if you let me know what you need.

Image usage

Unless you have licensed the image for commercial use (see Licensing), the commissioned image is for your own personal, non-commercial use. You may display it, copy it, and/or use it in any way you see fit, as long as that use does not defame or discredit me, and provided you are not using it to make a profit in any way. You may not claim credit for the artwork. If you display it online, you must include a credit to me (Sarrah Wilkinson) and a link to my website (

As the artist, I retain the copyright to use the image in any way I see fit, which includes displaying the work on my websites, printing it on brochures or other advertising material, and may also include selling images of the artwork as prints or other items. If you wish to purchase the full copyright to an image (such as a logo that would require full and exclusive use), please see the licensing page for details.

Examples of non-commercial usage:

  • A drawing of your roleplaying character for a tabletop game
  • A tattoo design
  • A limited-run t-shirt design where you DO NOT make any profit from the sales of the t-shirts (clubs, groups, etc.)
  • A desktop background image
  • A special gift for a friend or loved one
  • A portrait of a pet
  • A forum avatar or signature
  • Non-profit t-shirts, posters, or other items where ALL proceeds are donated to charity

Examples of commercial usage that would require licensing:

  • The cover of a book, CD, or game
  • An advertisement
  • A book or game illustration
  • Artwork for greeting cards, product packaging, etc.
  • Concept artwork / creature or character design
  • A business logo
  • Artwork that appears on any merchandise you intend to sell for profit

What I won't do:

If you aren't sure about any of the following, please feel free to ask! You won't offend me, honest.

  • Nothing above an R rating.
  • No licensed characters, celebrity likenesses, or existing logos
  • Nothing that directly copies from or incorporates another piece of artwork, unless it is your work and you give me permission to do so.
  • Nothing that promotes real-life hatred, racism, bigotry, or heavily political themes.
  • I reserve the right to refuse a commission for any reason.


At this time, I accept payment via PayPal. Once we’ve agreed on the commission details and price, I will let you know the address to use for sending payment. DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY UNTIL WE HAVE BOTH AGREED UPON COMMISSION DETAILS AND PRICE.

Multiple-Order Discounts

Ordering multiple custom pieces of artwork from me gets you a lifetime discount of up to 40%!

The way it works is this: The total number of custom pieces of artwork you have EVER ordered from me (including the current order) grants you a discount on the current order, as follows:

1 piecen/a
2 pieces2%
3 pieces5%
4 pieces10%
5 pieces15%
6 pieces20%
7 pieces25%
8 pieces30%
9 pieces35%
10+ pieces40%

For example, say you ordered 1 piece of artwork previously, and are looking to order 2 new pieces of artwork now. Since your total number of orders is now 3, your current order of 2 pieces gets a %5 discount. Just make sure to mention you are a returning customer when you contact me so I can look your information up!

If you are looking to order 10 or more pieces of artwork in one go, you instantly receive the full 40% off that and any future orders.

Cancellations and Refunds

If I have not yet started ANY work on your commission, you may cancel your order for a full refund.

If I HAVE started working on your commission, you may cancel your order for a refund of 50% of the total price. In other words, if your commission was over $50 and you paid half of it, you will not receive the money back, but will not be responsible for any additional payment. If your commission was already paid in full, you will receive 50% of it back.

In either case, you will be removed from the queue and will not receive the artwork, in full or in part.

I reserve the right to refuse a commission for any reason. If at any point I feel the need to cancel the commission, you will receive a full refund.

Abandoned Artwork

If my e-mails to you regarding a commission bounce back to me or go unanswered for a period of over 90 days, I will consider the artwork to be abandoned. Abandoned commissions are no longer eligible for a refund of any amount. If a partially finished artwork has been abandoned, I may choose whether or not I want to complete it for my own usage.

Any other questions?

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

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