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Dragon Age: Song of the Old Ones

Dragon Age: Song of the Old Ones by Sarrah Wilkinson - A digital painting of the Archdemon, Urthemiel, waking amongst dozens of darkspawn from the game Dragon Age: Origins.

This was one of those pieces I started ages ago, set aside for a long time, and then finally got inspired to finish well over a year later. BioWare as having a fanart showcase at SDCC 2011 and invited artists to send in any images they wanted to be included - and there was no way I was going to leave this one unfinished! I got it done with barely a day to spare.

Darkspawn and archdemons just don't get the attention they should. Well, that, and I'm a drooling dragon nut, so I wasn't about to pass up the opportunity to paint the stunningly twisted visage of Urthemiel from Dragon Age: Origins.

I wanted to capture something a little different, though. Not the ravening horde that the surfacers see during a blight. Several times during the game, we hear the call of the old gods referred to as "a beautiful song", a lure the darkspawn themselves must follow to the exclusion of all else. Here, the monsters are reverent, even tame - ever so briefly - as the eyes of the sleeping god open once more.

Available For Sale:

An 8.5" x 11" art print of my digital painting, "Song of the Old Ones" - or more simply, "Archdemon", a creature seen in the first Dragon Age video game.8.5" x 11" prints (Clearance - $5) - via

© 2011 Artwork by Sarrah Wilkinson. The Archdemon, darkspawn, and Dragon Age all belong to BioWare.

Completion date: 7/14/2011 - Page last updated: 7/4/2015

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