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Emerald Morning

Emerald Morning by Sarrah Wilkinson - A painting of a peaceful morning with softly colored clouds, mist, and rolling waves against dark cliffs - with a few surprises.

This digital painting was done for a friend. At first glance, you may notice the serene blue ocean waves, the faint morning mist and lush greenery covering the shoreside cliffs, the soft pastel clouds, with those at higher altitudes shining with daybreak's first light, or the birds gently coasting on the breeze.

Hidden amongst the obvious are a few little secrets, creatures and spirits from Irish mythology. If you look closely, you may spot a pooka, a faery ring, a woodland spirit, the children of Lir, a selkie, and a creature whose cry is thought to have sparked some stories of the banshee.

Mythology is fascinating, and it's especially fun to look beyond the more commonly known Greek stories. There are thousands of fascinating legends from cultures the world over, and discovering them is half the fun!

© 2013 Artwork by Sarrah Wilkinson

Completion date: 4/25/2013 - Page last updated: 8/28/2013

Keywords: ocean, sea, clouds, morning, sky, birds, seagulls, swans, seals, selkie, pooka, puka, fairy ring, plants, cliffs, tree, spirit, Celtic, Irish, mythology, green, blue, serene

Categories: Artwork, Digital Paintings, Fantasy