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Firefly: Kaylee and Serenity

Firefly: Kaylee and Serenity by Sarrah Wilkinson - A fanart illustration from Firefly with Kaylee, the lovely ship Serenity, and a planet in the distance.

I had more fun working on this than any one artist should be allowed in a lifetime. I got to draw Serenity (squee!) and Kaylee (squeee!), try out some new techniques, and learn just what an interesting challenge it is trying to portray an actual person using lineart. A couple of textures came from (one of the top 20 websites on the Internet, in my opinion), and the excellent planet tutorial I made use of belongs to Dinyctis on deviantArt and can be found here.

© 2012 Artwork by Sarrah Wilkinson. Kaylee and all things Firefly belong to Mutant Enemy, Inc. and 20th Century Fox.

Completion date: 4/3/2012 - Page last updated: 4/15/2013

Keywords: digital, Kaylee, Firefly, Serenity, mechanic, engineer, outer space, science fiction, sci-fi, spaceship, planet, fan art

Categories: Artwork, Digital Drawings and Illustrations, Science Fiction