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FlintThorn's Flight

FlintThorn's Flight by Sarrah Wilkinson - A dark, spiky dragon flying away from the pursuit of two others.

Traitor. Would-be usurper. Coward.

The names they had for him were as dark as his jet-black scales, and yet even as he fled, the fierce dragon FlintThorn looked back on his pursuers with haughty arrogance. He gathered molten flame in his throat, preparing to attack if need be, but his only thought for now was escape. He would live.

Someday, he would return. And that day, their names for him would not be so dark. That day, they would call him king.

I'm calling this one "FlintThorn's Flight". It had been a while since I drew a darker, more fearsome looking dragon, and this beastie is the result. I went with a lovely dark color palette for him, and a lovely dark story to go with it!

The name just jumped into my head as I was sketching him out, and it stuck. If you haven't noticed, I rather like my dragons to have plenty of spikes!

Original sketch:

A sketch of a spikey dragon flying away from the pursuit of two others.

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© 2013 Artwork by Sarrah Wilkinson

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