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Blank Mask Kit Order Forms

Main image for the blank Blue Spirit mask from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Blue Spirit Resin Blank (via

A blank resin cast of my interpretation of the Blue Spirit mask.

A photograph showing all raw resin mask pieces for the female turian base kit.

Female Turian Resin Mask Kit (via

Female turian mask kits in blank white resin, with options including cleanup and glass eyes.

A photograph showing the Garrus version of the male turian mask kit including the casting cleanup and backfill option.

Garrus Resin Mask Kit (via

A blank resin cast mask kit for Garrus Vakarian, with optional cleanup and glass eyes.

The lizardman mask, cleaned up, but without the jaw cut open. Shows assembly of the cheek and jaw spikes and the eye plates.

Lizardman Resin Mask Kit (via

My lizardman mask as a blank resin kit, including eye plates, jaw and chin spikes, and a number of additional options.

A photograph showing all raw resin mask pieces for the male turian base kit.

Male Turian Resin Mask Kit (via

Male turian mask kits cast in white resin, with cleanup and glass eyes as options.

A photo showing several individual parts of turian mask kits.

Turian Mask Kits - Individual Pieces (via

An à la carte list of each piece that comes in our turian kits individually, if you need a replacement or want to mix and match.