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Brown Dragon Hatchling Claws

Brown Dragon Hatchling Claws by Sarrah Wilkinson - A brown dragon hatchling sticks a clawed foot out of its spotted blue egg.

This little guy is a handcrafted sculpture of a brown dragon hatchling sticking a tentative clawed foot out into the unknown from its shiny blue egg. The egg is made from ceramic, the dragon's foot is resin cast from an original sculpture I did, and the whole thing sits upon a bed of rocks and a base made from epoxy putty. The bottom of the sculpture is entirely covered in felt so it won't scratch any surface it's set upon.

Available For Sale:

A one-of-a-kind mixed media sculpture of a baby brown dragon sticking its clawed hand out of a gold-speckled, shiny blue ceramic egg.Original sculpture - via

© 2018 Artwork by Sarrah Wilkinson

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Keywords: dragon egg, handmade, sculpture, mixed media, dragon foot, claws, brown, gold, blue

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