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Human Skull Mask

Another view of my cast resin skull mask, showing how it looks while worn.

A nice, realistic skull mask for your haunting pleasure! This is really about the only way you'll ever get me to smile for the camera.

If you'd like to see how a mask like this comes together, take a look at this blog post showing part of the sculpting, molding, and casting process.

Available For Sale:

A blank, cast resin skull mask available for you to paint up and wear however youBlank full skull mask - via
A blank human skull half mask cast in urethane resin and ready to be painted and worn. These are great for Halloween, masquerade parties, and more.Blank half skull mask - via
A blank lower skull jaw mask cast in urethane resin, ready to be painted up however youBlank skull jaw mask - via
One of my half skull masks cast in resin and hand-painted in camouflage stripes of brown and green.Camo half skull mask (hand-painted, ready to wear) - via

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