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Small Skull Sculpture

Small Skull Sculpture by Sarrah Wilkinson - A small, realistic human skull sculpted to about 1/5th scale.

This realistic miniature skull is sculpted to approximately 1/5th the scale of an actual human skull.

Available For Sale:

A resin miniature human skull (1/5th scale) cast in blank white for use as a prop or to be painted however you wish.Blank full mini skull - via
A miniature human skull cast in blank white resin and ready to paint. This one has a flat back for use as a prop decoration or any number of other things.Blank skull w/flat back - via
This is a blank, white, paint-your-own skull refrigerator magnet, cast from solid resin with a strong ceramic magnet embedded into the back. It is 2" from top to bottom, 1.5" wide, and about 3/4" deep.Blank skull magnet - via
This resin skull refrigerator magnet is hand-painted to resemble grey granite stone, like the carved face of a skeletal gargoyle. It has a strong ceramic magnet embedded solidly in the back.Granite finish magnet - via
This is a realistic mini skull refrigerator magnet, painted to resemble yellowed bone, with a strong ceramic magnet embedded solidly into the resin.Yellow bone magnet - via
One of my resin cast human skull miniatures (1/5 scale) painted to resemble natural, yellowish bone.Yellow bone mini skull - via

© 2015 Sculpture, molding and casting by Sarrah Wilkinson

Completion date: 8/25/2015 - Page last updated: 12/29/2015

Keywords: small skull sculpture, tiny skull, skeleton, bone, human skull, realistic mini skull, miniature skull, 1/5th scale skull

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