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Peeking Blue Dragon Hatchling

Peeking Blue Dragon Hatchling by Sarrah Wilkinson - A little blue dragon peeks out of its egg with a golden eye that follows the viewer. The egg is shiny and grey.

This one is a handcrafted sculpture of a blue dragon hatchling peeking out from its shiny grey egg with a vivid golden eye. The eye is a glass cabochon, hand-painted, and has a wonderful "follow me" effect - the dragon will watch you as you move around it! The photos below show this effect nicely.

The egg is made from ceramic, the dragon's face is resin cast from an original sculpture I did, and the whole thing sits upon a bed of rocks and shells, and a base made from epoxy putty. The bottom of the sculpture is entirely covered in felt so it won't scratch any surface it's set upon.

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A one-of-a-kind sculpture of a little blue dragon peeking from its shiny grey egg. The dragonOriginal sculpture - via

© 2018 Artwork by Sarrah Wilkinson

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