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Reptilian Bronze

Reptilian Bronze by Sarrah Wilkinson - A digital illustration of a low-slung bronze dragon wih shimmering yellow eyes and a forked tongue.

Just after my first time attending Phoenix Comicon in 2010, I was all fired up and had a ton of new ideas I wanted to try. I decided to experiment with a much heavier inking style and some of the coloring techniques I had picked up from talking to various artists at the show. I'm quite pleased with how this dragon turned out!

The ornamentation of dragons is probably my favorite part about them: horns, scales, and spikes, as well as sails, fur, frills, and even feathers on occasion. A dragon can look however you may imagine her to look. In particular, this bronze-colored female features pebbly scales and dozens of sharp horns and spines. Her body is low-slung, more like the cold-blooded stance of a true reptile than my usual style of dragon. To enhance the resemblance, she's also flicking out a long tongue, as a snake or a monitor lizard might do to scent the air.

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© 2010 Artwork by Sarrah Wilkinson

Completion date: 6/3/2010 - Page last updated: 6/30/2015

Keywords: digital, dragon, bronze, reptile, reptilian, copper, orange, comic book style, forked tongue

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