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The Golden Bear

The Golden Bear by Sarrah Wilkinson - An illustration of a mother and baby dragon within their treasure-filled lair. The baby dragon gleefully hugs his new toy, a non-flammable golden teddy bear.

This illustration is a sequel to one of my earlier pieces, "Why Baby Dragons Can't Have Nice Toys", in which a little red dragon sleeps curled up around his teddy bear - which has caught fire! In this new drawing, the young dragon's mother surprises him with a new toy - a teddy bear made of gold that won't catch alight. (It might melt a little, but still...)

Available For Sale:

A 1.25" pinback button or magnet showing part of the artwork from my illustration, "The Golden Bear", where a little red dragon hugs his new, non-flammable teddy bear!1.25" buttons, magnets, or keychains (close-up on the baby dragon) - via
This is the original drawing from my illustration, "The Golden Bear", featuring a mother dragon and her baby, who8.5" x 11" original drawing - via
An 8.5" x 11" art print of my illustration, "The Golden Bear", showing a bright red baby dragon hugging a non-flammable gold teddy bear while his mother looks on, smiling.8.5" x 11" prints - via

© 2015 Artwork by Sarrah Wilkinson

Completion date: 4/9/2015 - Page last updated: 7/11/2015

Keywords: mother dragon, baby dragon, golden teddy bear, golden bear, gold bear, gold teddy bear, dragon treasure, cave, cavern, lair

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