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Tucson Comic Con 2013 TARDIS Exclusive

Tucson Comic Con 2013 TARDIS Exclusive - The TARDIS has touched down in the Arizona desert, just in time for Tucson Comic Con 2013.

One day in early November, 2013, a mysterious blue box appeared in the desert just outside of Tucson, Arizona. It had the look of an old-fashioned British police box, and out of it, stepped a man... or at least, I think he was a man. He talked in a very strange way, but seemed to guess that something was going on. Everyone else had scoffed when we said something was... odd about the cacti in the area, but he just smiled and said, "Allons-y!"

I'm very pleased to announce this! I was approached by the AZ TARDIS Southern Chapter to do a piece of artwork for a Tucson Comic Con 2013 exclusive. This is a limited edition 11" x 17" print, and only 51 copies, signed and hand-numbered by myself, will ever be sold. They are $20 each, and 50% of each sale goes directly to the charities the AZ TARDIS group works with, benefiting children's diabetes research and lymphoma cancer research.

This print will be available both at the Red Nebula Studios table and at the AZ TARDIS table. We hope to see you there!

© 2013 Artwork by Sarrah Wilkinson

Completion date: 10/24/2013 - Page last updated: 1/9/2014

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