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Mass Effect: Dr. Andora Caervis (female turian)

Wearing my Andora (female turian) mask. The neck isn't finished, so I improvised a hood.

This page is for my female turian costume in progress. She's a character of my own design, Dr. Andora Caervis, an ex-military xenobiologist. Since there are so few female turian characters in the games as of yet, I wanted to do something a little different! Her look will be partially based on General Oraka, black plates with a white design and grey-blue skin. It's a very cool look, and I think she'll turn out lovely!

The mask is made from cast resin, pigmented black and painted with a combination of rattle can primer and acrylics. If you're interested, here's more info on how I'm doing my new turian masks.

As with Garrus, the eyes are glass and the mask built in such a way as to give me several vision points. Making glass eyes means she ends up looking much more like the characters in-game than if I made the mask pressed against my face and used my own eyes! Human eyes are simply not turian eyes, and the proportions of the head would suffer as well.

In progress:

The first test pull from the completed mold. A teaser picture of where my female turian sample mask is at the moment. The markings for my female turian mask, Andora. The markings painted onto my female turian mask.

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