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Unicorn Bookmark

Unicorn Bookmark by Sarrah Wilkinson - This is an illustration done for a bookmark, which features a pearly white unicorn with a golden horn amidst leafy vines.

This bookmark illustration depicts the beautiful, elusive unicorn, deep in his forest home amidst a softly swishing cascade of leafy vines. The serene blue and green colors of the background are offset by his brilliantly glowing golden horn.

I have always been a fan of those strange, horizontal, goat-like pupils on my unicorns. They look so unique!

Available For Sale:

A vinyl sleeve bookmark with a gold tassel and one of my unicorn illustrations, showing a stark white horse with a glowing golden horn in front of blue-green hued dangling vines.Vinyl bookmarks - via

© 2012 Artwork by Sarrah Wilkinson

Completion date: 1/17/2012 - Page last updated: 7/6/2015

Keywords: digital, bookmark, unicorn, forest, leaves, vines, plants, fantasy, mystical, mythology, horse, animal, creature

Categories: Artwork, Digital Drawings and Illustrations, Fantasy