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Wolf Footprint Pendant

Wolf Footprint Pendant by Sarrah Wilkinson - A polymer clay pendant with the footprint of a wolf or other canine embedded into it, enhanced with acrylic paints, and attached to a leather cord necklace.

To make these wolf footprint pendants, I started by sculpting a single footprint and made a mold of that using resin. I press the mold like a stamp into a piece of polymer clay that has flecks of color which make it resemble granite. Details are enhanced using acrylic paints. Since everything's done by hand, each pendant is a little bit different. The footprints can be interpreted as wolf, coyote, dog, or even fox.

© 2018 Artwork by Sarrah Wilkinson

Page last updated: 7/11/2015

Keywords: wolf footprint pendant, dog, coyote, fox, canine, polymer clay charm, necklace, fossil footprint, leather cord, lobster claw clasp, granite, stone, rock

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