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Phoenix Comicon 2012 Character Workshop

This was the character I and the audience created during my panel at Phoenix Comicon 2012. This was quite fun, and very interactive. It's an amazing experience to see a room full of people (and that room was FULL, too!) discussing and debating the kind of character they wanted to create.

Because there wasn't time to come up with an entire world or culture in the length of the panel, I brought along descriptions of Eldlor and its various cultures, and we worked within those boundaries.

NameThis was... a bit of an oversight on my part. I meant to poll the audience for a name for our character, but ran out of time to do so! We'll call her Glenn. Glenn by Sarrah Wilkinson - A drawing of the female dwarf created as part of the character workshop I did at Phoenix Comicon 2012.
Race/CultureAshdoran dwarf, female
Personal HistoryIt was decided early on that she was an orphan, but there were several ideas for how she came to be so. It was decided that her wealthy parents traveled to Ashdor from the south to scout out a mine for their business, but were killed when hostile orcs sabotaged the mine. Her nanny took it upon herself to raise the girl, but neither had access to her parents' funds and thus had to live in far less comfort than they were used to.
Social Behavior/TraitsWe brainstormed a number of traits for the dwarven woman, some of which were contradictory. Some thought she would be more extroverted and inquisitive, trying to forget her past. However, most seemed to prefer a more withdrawn and resentful attitude, quiet but with a short temper, distrustful of orcs and marauders, and wanting to prove herself by following in the kind of work her parents had been doing.
Other Personality TraitsHere, she remained quiet and observant, but impulsive when it came to going after opportunities for money. Even as she tries to follow in her parents' footsteps, she retains a claustrophobic fear of mines, knowing how they had died. Not knowing what tribe of orcs was responsible for the attack, she came to hate all orcs on principle. She is also rather vain and prissy, though not terribly good looking.
Physical TraitsShe sees herself and dresses in a feminine way, but tends to act more tomboyishly. She has untameable, curly blonde hair and freckles. She is rarely seen without goggles, as this is the easiest way she's found to deal with the harsh, snowy Ashdoran environment.

As promised in the presentation, I've also done a brand new piece of artwork based on the character we created together. Though I had drawn concept sketches of female Eldlorian dwarves before, none of them have yet appeared in the comic. This was also the first chance I got to explore the kind of clothing that would be considered more feminine to the practical Ashdoran culture.